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short program to win the individual

Le 21 février 2014, 03:18 dans Humeurs 0

short program to win the individual highest score 74.12 points, ranked third entering the free skate.U.S. Gold's short program music players chose Grieg's Piano Concerto, clean style and the atmosphere is very contrast girl, dressed in red let Gold is even more beautiful on the ice, and today she basically their level of play, the outer point onike air max 1 sale  f the ice three weeks after the opening three weeks then jump hook difficulty and finish quality are good, only a small technical flaw is two weeks Axel jump, 68.63 points short Program performance is currently ranked fourth.Team stunning the world in the 15-year-old Russian girl Kaja today's short program also received enthusiastic support from the audience. This "Do not give up on love" choreography is full of imagery, from the opening program of action it seems the audience into the story, while the first half of  Kaja of today's program also continues in her Team good condition, but unfortunately in the second half of the program after a three-week jump on the ice point she made a mistake, off the ice fall, currently ranked fifth in 65.23 minutes.U.S. players Wagner normal play today's short program, 65.21 points behind in sixth. Wagner today to make major technical failures within three weeks after the opening point of the ice after the ice outside the pointsThree weeks jump, second jump was sentenced to less than the number of weeks down the group, the executive points are also affected. Other actions done good.This year at the National Championships before budding 15-year-old American rookie Edmonds slide their basic level today, in addition to three weeks after the opening of the hook program access point outside the ice jump the second jump was sentenced t


o three weeks with less than week addition, the entire program completed relatively smoothly, gained 61.04 points, ranking seventh.Japanese veteran Akiko Suzuki's short program is a set full of "Love Song" of love, Akiko Suzuki today replaced the race suits, the overall shape is very amazing, but unfortunately in today's game Akiko Suzuki relatively restrained performance, jumping on the obvious mistakes After opening the original plan to complete the outer point of the ice three weeks jump on the first jump was sentenced to drop less than the number of weeks of serious group, also failed to connect even jump. But Akiko Suzuki expression is still quite good, to get a better program is divided, currently 60.97 points in the eighth.France's Mette 58.63 points ranked ninth. Germany's Weiyinqier 57.63 points ranked tenth.Our players Lizi Jun short program this season is youthful tango song, today Lizi Jun slide his state, clean and smooth completion of the entire program, but unfortunately there are still some flaws in the details of technical movements, such as the opening of Three weeks after the point of the ice pick outside point of the ice three weeks of the  nike air max tn for sale second jump was sentenced to deposit weeks, and joint rotation is determined as the basic level technical expert also made her lose more technical points. Currently, Lizi Jun to 57.55 points in the first 11.Today our players Zhang Kexin second group of first appearance, a short program by the Rolling Stones classic songs composed of two won a season-high 55.8 points, ranked 14. Including the opening of the outer point of the ice three weeks followed by all the technical action outside the triple flip jump today, including Zhang Kexin have successfully completed three rotation also won four of the highest classification, the performance is quite good.Pick up underground beverage packaging, has outraged Xinjiang coach Wan-Jun Cui, slammed it back int



o the stands. This is the first time in the history of CBA coaches and fans head-on collision, Wan-Jun Cui certainly should be punished for their behavior is not cool, but this caused the fuse, it is worth pondering the parties.February 18, CBA playoffs kick off fierce competition to be expected, but the unexpected occurs coach could even fight back fans threw debris thing. In Xinjiang, Liaoning team vs. team match, when only the last 1.4 seconds, the two sides battle into 91 levels. Because of dissatisfaction with the referee Hudson capping He held the Liaoning team foul, so the Liaoning team won two free throws chances of Xinjiang coach Wan-Jun Cui asked back to watch the video.Came to the scorer's table to negotiate the Wan-Jun Cui, by some irrational fans insult and abuse, the fans began throwing debris smashed the Wan-Jun Cui could not hold back the debris thrown in the stands. This almost caused a larger conflict, the game was delayed three minutes.According to "2013 ~ 2014CBA League disciplinary regulations," the coach for the fans who accuse, abuse, or other misconduct, depending on the severity, or will be punished by reprimand, suspension penalties 2-5 games. This afternoon, the reporter interviewed on the matter relevant person in charge of the Chinese Basketball Association, the official said, "We are studying the matter, we will be punished according to the specific circumstances." When a supra owen uk  reporter asked when the results announcement, the official did not give clear answer.Coach to the fans threw debris, such things rarely happen in a foreign country, but why place on CBA arena, it is worth pondering. Wan-Jun Cui behavior is indeed wrong, but it also needs to explore, what happens is the root cause of this situation. Is unacceptable fans hurl  As a CBA coach, must have seen such a case, though Wan-Jun Cui CBA first team coach is not long, but that does not so furious. Fans of 

the success rate reached

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 the semifinals The game, he appeared very stable, the success rate reached 83%. In addition to Jacobs, the Canadian team first baseman Ryan - Harden, second baseman Jason - Harden with the third base Frye supra skytop trainers  also has a good performance, their success rate was 97%, 85% and 94% .Although defeated, but the Chinese team performance in this game is still no shortage of highlights. At the end of the fifth inning, the Canadian team 4 to 2 lead. After intermission, the Chinese team in the sixth inning FLAC investment pot. Liu Rui of two cast is very good, the first cast, Liu Rui select Paste, Paste his quality Jacobs forced to leave China after the second investment opportunity for the team to get two points. In the second hit, Liu Rui performance and stability, to help the Chinese team to get two points.Seventh inning, Bard Xin, Xu Xiaoming and Liu Rui successive failures, the Canadian team to get three points to make the score 7 to 4. Under the circumstances behind the score, the Chinese team in the eighth inning played very patiently, to get two points, to rewrite the score 6-7. In the ninth inning, the Canadian team was stable, to get three points, the score was 10 to 6. The game only the tenth inning, under normal circumstances, would like to get in a game in the quarter has been a difficult task, not to mention the performance of the Canadian team in this game is so strong. Before the round robin, many more games the team came from behind to defeat saw no hope will choose to reverse earlier defeat. But this time the Chinese team did not give up on the pursuit of victory, although the Chinese team finally in the tenth inning could not pull out a victory, but this tenacious performance is commendable.2014 Sochi Winter Olympics men's 



curling semi-finals, the Chinese team lost 6-4 10 Canadian team, missed the final. The game, the Chinese team from the start of the ninth inning to the last shot, making mistakes, which compared with the round robin Panruoliangdui, facing the enemy, the Chinese team in the circumstances behind mental balance, resulting in deformation techniques, in order to advantage contend with the teams, the Chinese team needs to improve control and self-regulation.Semi-final against Canada, the Chinese team to the fans left the deepest impression is not as hearty as the round robin offensive, nor is it subtle stick pot, but a series of mistakes, not just Liu Rui, mistakes other players such as Domino dominoes, one after another appeared, leading the team in the final four innings collapse, missed the final.The first three innings, Xu Xiaoming is the Chinese team mistakes protagonist, the first game of the second pot hit him pass, but hit his placeholder pot, which means that not only did the Chinese team carried out the attack, but reduces the threat of defense; third Bureau Xu Xiaoming first pot did not hit any pot, direct slipped out of the base camp, appearing on the basketball court also appeared in three non-stick curling arena, this pot mistakes let the Chinese team instantly nike air max 2014 womens becomes passive, while Canada took the opportunity to shout , FLAC get two points.Beijing on February 19, ushered in Sochi Winter Olympics figure skating competition last single, ladies singles tournament in full swing today. After the short program, defending champions South Korea's Kim Yu-child score of 74.92 points leader, ranking the first place. Host of Russian players Stowe Kournikova 0.28 point difference in second place. Italian veteran Costner behind in third. Our players Lizi Jun, Zhang Kexin have played out of their strength, the breakdown of the first section 14 and 11. Japanese champion Mao Asada short program jump occurs many mistakes, only the first 16 columns.Vancouver Olympic champion South Korea's Kim played in the third group of children today. Kim's short program for


 their children last session of the Winter Olympics is quiet well-prepared touching "clowns", and her performance today is completely show the king of style. The technical difficulty, the program three weeks after the opening of the hook point of the ice pick outside the Kim children completed three weeks of very strong, the next point of the ice within three weeks after two weeks and Axel jumps are also easy to clean and done only for her the impact of technical points are slightly bowed forward and continue grading step. And the program is divided, Kim child delicate interpretation of the performances will be moving this program in the taxi, the three performers Hop music have received a score of more than 9 points. Currently, Kim ranked first child with 74.92 points.Russia ranked second player Stowe Kournikova's short program music selected from Bizet's classic opera "Carmen", today completed the set of her perfect short program at home, after opening the program three weeks after the outer point of the ice pick outside point of the ice three weeks clean and beautiful, the jump points after the next two weeks the ice three weeks and Axel jump also done very smoothly, three step sequence rotation and got the highest grading of all four, and All of her technical movements have gained more than one point of execution of plus points. In the end, a score of 74.64 to refresh her personal history bestnike air max thea sale , and Kim ranked first child only points difference 0.28 points.Italian star Costner's short program chose the classic melody "Hail Mary," Costner smiling completed the entire program, the perfect song to show a sense of holiness in the ice, so that the audience intoxicated. Opening the program, point the ice three weeks after ice outside the points within three weeks after she finished jumping, all actions are completed thereafter also leak. Eventually, Costner most exciting performance in the Winter Olympics 


and warships will be named Harlan

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an and warships will be named Harlan "opened old wounds", "cause consequences for bilateral relations. Sides doubts and discontent has deepened over the years established defense relations setback."Singapore Foreign Minister Shanmugam said Singapore would believe Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa, then, that Indonesia is no malice, ship name is for "professional level" and decisions. Natalegawa day reiterated that Indonesia "not malicious", the  nike air max 90 hyperfuse online problem due to the two sides' understanding and views of the 19th Civil Court of Thailand is not a judgment on the state of emergency law is currently being implemented in Bangkok and surrounding areas will not be revoked, but The police may not use the law to suppress anti-government protesters by force the same day, the leaders of anti-government rallies, Secretary-General of the "People's Democratic Reform Commission," Suthep thousands of demonstrators led by caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck temporary containment office and demanded the British Pull resign. former Thai Democrats had filed the civil court proceedings, called for the repeal of emergency law since January this year implemented. civil court rejected the request on the 19th. 18, police initiated to recover the occupied government workplaces action against the Prime Minister's Office, the Democracy Monument, the government office building and other regional gatherings of demonstrators to disperse. parties to the conflict in which five people, including police officers, including the death of 70 people were injured. Suthep on the 19th led thousands of protesters Containment caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck temporary office, Defence Minister office and demanded the resignation of the British pull. Yingluck cabinet members and the interim government that day in order to avoid conflicts did not enter the building work. YORK February 19, from trade deadline draws near, the team are doing on the possible deal last effort, according to multiple sources reported that the Lakers are also doing various attempts, they mainly focus on potential deals in the 



team's center Paul - Pau Gasol.Gasol Lakers attempted transaction message has been circulating for nearly half a season, the Lakers had a deal with the Cavaliers was almost, but eventually fell through because the Lakers' asking price is too high.The impending trade deadline, the Lakers have begun a new round of action, according to ESPN news, the Lakers currently hold transaction completely open mind, in addition to Bryant - Bryant outside, other players can be discussed. However, from the current situation, they are most likely out of the deal is that the two post players, Pau Gasol and Chris - Chris Kaman, however, ESPN believes that the Lakers will not get two big men from the transaction Too many returns.From the previous message, the Cavaliers have asked price over Kaman, but negotiations on the final two teams Kaman rupture without any results, and such transactions Gasol now the most likely next home is the sun, although the two teams Gasol is also currently in negotiations on a standstill, but according to "bleachers sports"   nike air max 2013 womens message, there is team general manager believes the Lakers Gasol will eventually be traded to the sun.However, the Lakers and the sun is not a smooth transaction, and one reason is that the sun can provide chips really can not let the Lakers satisfied. The sun had a bargaining chip for the center Emeka Okafor, if the transaction is successful, the Lakers will save nearly $ 5 million salary, but this is not a bargaining chip to allow the Lakers hundred percent satisfied with the negotiation teams also temporarily at a standstill state.According to reports ESPN Los Angeles, the latest news shows, by trading Gasol to the Lakers want to get a sufficient return, if the other team can not provi



de enough to become a cornerstone player, then the Lakers will not trade Gasol easily.In addition, the news came in yesterday aspects Charlotte Bobcats Gasol also expressed interest, but informed sources said the deal is almost unlikely. The Cavaliers and Minnesota also have some interest in Gasol, but negotiations are not related to any substantive progress. February 22, at the Venetian Macao will be 3 Wong Kim boxing game, which is to enter the professional arena Zou Shiming fourth year after the battle, his opponent is  from Thailand.The game total of nine games, including eight games played by international rating agencies stars. Zou Shiming also got a first stars, which means his game into the next level, at the end of the race, may be in the WBO rankings inside into the top 30.Three Olympic champion Zou Shiming siteUp-star game is a 5 star IBF lightweight 135 lbs world title battle, the Mexican boxing champion from Russia against Vasquez Watts Sophie Cove. This is a 12 round battle.Then is 3-star WBO featherweight title 12 rounds 126 lbs international tournament. Players are in the Philippines to Japan under Tianzhao Wen gentle horse. But this game but still the most impressive debut of three Olympic champions.19, three days before the race starts, the Venetian hotel lobby put down a ring, the committee conducted a roadshow promotion.TOP RANK signed three Londoners Olympic champion full debut, they were playing flyweight Zou Shiming 112 pounds, 160 pounds Middleweight Japan Murata understanding too, as well as Russia's light heavyweight Yeager.As an introduction to this live DJ a three time Olympic champion on  nike air max 95 uk stage, the other two Olympic champions, only sporadic and polite applause, only Zou Shiming got enthusiastic cheers of the audience, showing Macau is his "territory." In the photo taken when the other two Olympic champions are very natural to the middle position left Zou Shiming.Murata and Zou Shiming best market prospectsIn the three Olympic champion in the history of Japan second Olympic boxing champion Murata understanding 

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